Below are audio excerpts from each book:

Booker, a happy dog, finds an interesting smelly spot in the backyard and decides to roll in it in order to share it with his family. While Booker thinks he smells great, his family feels a bit differently. Even his friends Tippy and Tappy the squirrels and Flower the bunny tell Booker he smells and needs a bath. What's a dog to do?

Smokey the friendliest Chow Chow ever meets Clover a two-month-old baby goat when his person brings Clover home while the shelter is looking for a farm for her. Smokey tells Clover not to leave the yard, but Clover doesn't listen to Smokey. Follow Smokey as he has to find Clover and rescue her!



Booker was our Keeshond.  He was sweet and gentle boy.  He loved to go for walks, chase balls and show off all his tricks for treats. 

Smokey was our Chow Chow. He was playful and full of life. He loved to go for walks and get tummy rubs.